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Thank you for stopping by the Online Gallery of Fiber Constructionist Ardyth Davis.

Below you can find some of what others have said about this site. If you'd like to join in, please go to the Guestbook Entry Page and enter your comments there. They will be automatically added to this page.

Boris Muchnik
Rockville, MDUSA
* Happy Person *
Dear Ardyth,
I have recently seen your gorgeous art-"Disc1/Green" at the Art exhibition in Rockville.
May consider of purchasing it. Please provide details.
Best regards,
-Fri, Apr 04, :3 at 22:21:53
London, UK
* Other Artist *
I am delighted to come across to such beautiful work! I love the colours and the texture of your work, and being a designer myself, I also appreciate the talent of other people.
Your work is very beautiful and I wish all the best for your career.
-Sat, Mar 22, :3 at 13:12:18
Samantha Williams
USA, noneUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I loved your site. Congratulations Samantha Williams
-Fri, Feb 21, :3 at 19:29:07
beijing, china
* Artist Agent *
Beijing kangya Art Studio Reproduction Oil Painting http://vip.6to23.com/oilspaintings/kkkmmm.htm Mediterranean Landscape Oil Painting in china weim101@163.com

-Sun, Jan 26, :3 at 12:48:04
jocelyn ossenbeck
cincinnati, ohUSA
* Other Artist *
-Fri, Oct 11, :2 at 22:37:55
Debbie Shell
Pewee Valley, KYUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I am in awe of your work. I do a similar type of work, but at a very beginning level. I love creating texture and color in fabric and paper.
I would love to see your work in person.
If you ever do a class in the Kentucky area please email me and let me know.
Keep up the inspiring work..thank you for sharing your artistry.
-Sat, Sep 14, :2 at 07:50:48
gerard dovey
stkilda, vicaustralia
* Other Artist *
it must be lunch time, my digestive juices are running and rumbling, thenks for giving me an appetite
-Fri, Jul 19, :2 at 23:25:03
Maggie Saunders
Penryn, England
* Fibre Artist *
I am doing a Personal Study on Ardyth, I live in England so it is very difficult to see her work. I would love to get more info on her, such as her influences and life story, Her work is absolutly amazing!!
Im in love with it!
-Sun, Apr 21, :2 at 10:44:04
Jane Blake
sheffield, England
* Fibre Artist *
Wow colours blew me away.
-Fri, Apr 12, :2 at 13:24:41
Liliana Rey
Buenos Aires, Buenos AiresArgentina
* Decorator *
He disfrutado mucho de tus trabajos y me llama la atenciÛn la tÈcnica que has encontrado. Felicitaciones y un abrazo de Liliana
-Tue, Mar 05, :2 at 10:54:07
Emma Louise Douglas
Rochester, KentEngland
* None of the Above *
Im a an art student from the uk, who is extremly interested in textiles art, and i would like to say i think the work i've just viewed is excellent. I love the effects the have been created and feels of the pieces. Im very inspired by this work, i think its GREAT!!!
-Wed, Feb 27, :2 at 13:59:03
Sheila Arthurs
Birmingham, United Kingdom
* Fibre Artist *
Your site was recommended by a fellow fibre artist on the Alternative Quilt List(Yahoo) this is the first opportunity I've had to visit. Your work is truly lovely and an inspiration! I will be back for more, thank you for a lovely visit
-Mon, Feb 25, :2 at 15:17:02
chicago, ILUSA
* Other Artist *
This was a very impressive body of work...I was truly inspired. Thanks again!
-Fri, Jan 25, :2 at 19:41:07
Jenny Thoroughman
* Curious Browser *
What wonderful art. What inspires you to create forms with silk, paper and paint? Do the colors you choose for a project mean anything to you when you first start to create one? or does feeling/meaning and emotion evolve with the length of the project? How do you know when you have finished a project? or does it let you know?
Jenny Thoroughman

-Wed, Dec 26, :1 at 22:34:45
Ann Goddard
Cheshire, UK
* Fibre Artist *
Very beautiful, original and inspirational work. I love your use of colour and fabric manipulation. My favourite pieces were Field 1 and 2.
-Fri, Nov 23, :1 at 17:49:39
Hye Eun Cho
Seoul, South Korea
* Fibre Artist *
-Mon, Oct 15, :1 at 02:22:01
New York, NYUSA
* Other Artist *
Very beautiful work. Especially loved Reef/Blue. Your website is also very visually appealing. Thank you for the lovely site.
Debbie in NYC
-Thu, Aug 30, :1 at 17:53:46
Carol Stoner
Denver, COUSA
* Curious Browser *
Wow! Your stuff is fantastic! You have made wonderful sculpture from fiber, I'd love to see some in person since I love textiles and beautiful colors.

Is there a place where I could see your work in a book? Have you published anything about the processes you use? Continued success to you, thanks for your beautiful website.
-Tue, Jul 24, :1 at 00:32:51
tamlyn tate
swansea, wales, UK
* Other Artist *
gorgeous like the earlier work most very rich. i am a surface pattern student and found it very inspiring.
-Thu, May 24, :1 at 11:34:01
Taunton, MAUSA
* Curious Browser *
Spectacular beyond words.
I love your use of color.
The construction is unique.
-Sun, Apr 29, :1 at 14:14:13
bryan keith
hollywood, caUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I am a hand made paper maker/artist and i need help finding getting my work out there can you please help me?
Bryan R Keith
P S my stuff is very unique, looks like parchament
-Wed, Mar 28, :1 at 23:02:43
Celia Stanley
* Fibre Artist *
Love your work - it's brilliant & very inspiring.
-Fri, Mar 23, :1 at 17:44:02
vicky white
chichester, west sussexuk
* Happy Person *
I am a student and I am interested in your work. I am currently writing an essay about you and your techniques.

-Fri, Mar 02, :1 at 10:57:23
Dorothy Harrison
Aireys Inlet. 3231,, VictoriaAustralia.
* Fibre Artist *
I travel the net seeking to find people like yourself. This site just shows the fulfilment the Fiber Artist finds in their own work, and the pleasure it gives to others. Just fantastic! I shall always be watching for more! Thanks so much.
-Wed, Nov 29, :0 at 14:58:01
christinne barnes
garland, txUSA
* Happy Person *
-Sat, Aug 19, :0 at 15:01:01
Mei Ling Lee
Singapore , Singapore
I truly enjoy your works.

Sincerely yours from Sunny Singapore
-Sat, Aug 05, :0 at 11:24:50
egle giovanettoni
milano, Iitaly
* Fibre Artist *
I love manipolation of fabrics!!!!
I was interested in the process of how you went about your work.
A lot of compliments!!!!!!
-Mon, Jun 26, :0 at 12:45:03
Gemma Burton
Birmingham, England
I am a student studing a BA in Design for Interior Textiles in England. I was interested in the process of how you went about your work as I love manipulation of fabric. I loved the chance to have a detailed view of your work
-Mon, May 29, :0 at 15:11:47
Anu Muurinen
Tampere, Finland
* Fibre Artist *
loved your Work!
-Fri, May 26, :0 at 08:43:16
* None of the Above *
this is a very pretty site,many useful information.i like the idea that details can be viewed on almost every work.
well done!
-Thu, May 11, :0 at 05:51:00
Jennifer Koehl
Silver Lake, OhUSA
* Happy Person *
I think you are an amazing artist and if i had your talent i dont think i would know what to with it... I am doing a report at my school and i ran acroos you web site a while ago and when i heard that we had to pick a fiber artist i was sure i wanted to do you!!! you are an outstanding artist with unlimited talent!!!
-Tue, May 02, :0 at 13:22:06
Keiko Nakamura
Kobe, Japan
* Happy Person *
Finealy I reached your page.

JUst I print out for Yoshiko, Mikiko and Keiko G.

-Mon, Apr 03, :0 at 00:07:04
crystal mayer
Gilbert, iaUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Your work is wonderful it is a great exploration of color and texture.
-Thu, Mar 23, :0 at 14:58:28
-Mon, Feb 21, :0 at 11:15:22
Sue Anne
west allis, wi USA
* Happy Person *
i loved the art work i thought that it was really neat.
we have to do a report so im doing mine on ardyth davis.
-Mon, Feb 07, :0 at 15:53:13
Lisa Smith
Aberdeen, Scotland-U.K
* Happy Person *
I found some of the work quite inspiring giving me fresh scope to deal with the Design Projet that I am currently tackling at the moment . I love to see the works of artists such as this as I find working with material and other textiles an encredibly enriching way to express myself and my art !!!!
-Thu, Jan 13, :0 at 11:29:58
Elizabeth Dundom
Talent, ORUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Your work is beautiful, it encapsulates the wonderful versatlility of the fiber medium and helps to put aside the idea that fiber arts are not art but rather a craft.
-Wed, Nov 24, 99 at 14:59:41
Gretchen Howard
Dunedin, New Zealand
* Fibre Artist *
I stumbled upon your site by accident - and was delighted to explore. I love your textures and rich use of colour!
-Thu, Nov 04, 99 at 17:51:28
Wendy Lugg
Perth, WAAustralia
* Fibre Artist *
I know and admire your work, so couldn't resist the opportunity for a closer look when I read about your site in Patricia Malarcher's article in the latest SDA newsletter.
I enjoyed the visit, thanks.
-Thu, Oct 28, 99 at 09:27:59
Terry Carley
Tallahassee, FLUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Dear Ardyth - As you know I love your work - and I love your web site. Terry Carley
-Tue, Sep 28, 99 at 20:28:59
Rachel Coleman
chichester, sussexUk
* Happy Person *
I think the work is beautiful. I love the colours especially, and the patterns that appear in the material.
-Wed, Sep 15, 99 at 11:20:54
Isabel Cooke
Dublin, Ireland
* Fibre Artist *
I found your use of fibres exhilarating, and great insight into the reproduction of nature with incorporating patterns.
-Wed, Aug 04, 99 at 16:04:12
Cherrilyn Tyler
Leicester, UK
* Fibre Artist *
I have sent an e-mail
-Sun, Jul 25, 99 at 16:11:50
Patricia Malarcher
Englewood, NJUSA
* Fibre Artist *
-Tue, Jul 13, 99 at 18:33:14
Emily Leonard
welwyn, United Kingdom
* Other Artist *
I am a teacher in England researching mixed media in art for a project at school. I love your work
-Sun, May 09, 99 at 05:10:11
Diane Leganza
Black Forest, CoUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I am a fibre artist who has recently gone back to finish the Studio Art Degree I began in 1968!!!
Your work is a tremendous inspiration! Color!! Texture!! Great lines!! I love it!!
-Sat, Mar 13, 99 at 20:55:54
Jennifer Ruff
* Happy Person *
I am a student in craft design at Iowa State University. I find the works on this page very inspiring. Thanks!!!
-Wed, Mar 10, 99 at 18:04:22
Ed Hollinghurst
Bristol, UK
* Happy Person *
I thought your work was excellent. I have used some of it in my word processing class.
Thank You.
-Wed, Mar 10, 99 at 07:16:22
Linda Benswanger
Accord, NYUSA
* Other Artist *
your work is quite beautiful and inspiring. I studied textile design, and have a mosaic business. I would love to get back into fiber. Thanks for your excellent site!
-Sun, Mar 07, 99 at 18:54:28
Beatrice Lebreton
Dallas, TXUSA
* Other Artist *
Wonderful ! A feast for my eyes and heart. I love the brilliance of colors and the rhythm of each piece
-Wed, Mar 03, 99 at 16:17:02
Stacey Crossland
Huddersfield, England
* None of the Above *
Hi! Iam a student at dewsbury art collage studying Surface pattern. At the moment Iam doing a project on texture and I came across your work while looking for insperation.Your work jumped out at me. I love the way you have used your colours and textures. I feel I want to get lost in your work. I havent seen any work like this before and it has really inspired me to experiment and push my work to greater areas.
-Wed, Mar 03, 99 at 05:02:02
Karen Cotter
Orlando, FLUSA
* Curious Browser *
Actually you came up on the internet because I was searching for a lost cousin whose maiden name was Ardyth Ann Fryer. You aren't by any chance her are you?
-Fri, Jan 29, 99 at 17:29:23
Carol Kucera
Santa Fe, NMUSA
* Other Artist *
Hi Ardie! You will remember me from our shared studio days in Herndon in the distant '80s. Sarah was here at my gallery last week to help me get on line. I am exhibiting here on Canyon Rd and also buying the gallery from previous owner. Your web site brought back fond memories, as well as thrilled me with what you're doing now. Wow! My work has grown as well, quite different from what you knew of it in Herndon. You can access out web site at www.collectorsguide/rggalleries.com for a peak. If you are ever in Santa Fe, please come visit. Sarah is a gallery artist in Apparatus Gallery in Tucson. You are a hugh inspiration to her.
Bye for now, Carol (Kucera)
-Fri, Jan 15, 99 at 15:09:22
Nancy Morgen
Columbus, GAUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Wonderful texture and color. Thoroughly enjoyed my tour.
-Thu, Dec 03, 98 at 14:27:27
Michiko Fujii
Manchester, UK
* None of the Above *
I am currently a first year student studying BA Hons Visual Arts and I am fascinated by your work. These images would normally only exist in dreams or fairytales!
What a star!
-Fri, Nov 20, 98 at 11:11:46
-Tue, Nov 17, 98 at 11:26:38
Fran Cummings
Jackson, >MS USA
* Fibre Artist *
I am blown away--wonderful!
-Tue, Nov 17, 98 at 10:44:19
R. L. Welter
Salt Lake City, UTUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Got your site location from QuiltArt.Your work is luminous. I recently discovered Chihuly (glass blower) and your work reminds me of the same type of organic shapes and wonderful, wonderful colors.
Thank you for making it possible to view your work.
-Tue, Nov 17, 98 at 10:24:09
Jan Brashears
Cumming, Ga, GAUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Saw your piece in the Deck of Cards and wondered how it was done: shibori, etc. ? This is interesting to read about your web page on quiltart today. We wondered if perhaps you used a pleater (as in smocking) in your work. Loved seeing it in volume. Really inspiring!
-Tue, Nov 17, 98 at 10:09:03
Kris Bishop
Woodbridge, Va.USA
* Fibre Artist *
Your work is exquisite. I saw your deck-of-cards quilt at the Renwick Gallery and thought it was beautiful. When I was given your web site, I just had to see your other works. P.S. I am also a "happy person" from your selection list.
-Mon, Nov 16, 98 at 17:56:45

Taipei, Taiwan
* Other Artist *
Your works have so many special textures and materials. their beautiful touch me deeply.
Could u tell me have u have any publishing of your works (such as a book...) Thank u very much
-Wed, Nov 11, 98 at 01:58:13
beher hsieh
Taipei, Taiwan
* Happy Person *
-Fri, Nov 06, 98 at 04:23:30
Gerri Raap
Ermelo, >Netherlands
* Fibre Artist *
you make magnificant art
-Thu, Nov 05, 98 at 17:03:33
Ginger Egerton
greensboro , n.c.USA
* Fibre Artist *
-Fri, Oct 16, 98 at 10:54:24
Riverside, CAUSA
* Happy Person *
and aspiring fiber artist. Your site was an absolute pleasure to come across! I'm working on finishing my BFA in Fine Art this year and your richness in colors has really inspired me. Thank you!
-Thu, Oct 01, 98 at 22:29:17
Julie Montgarrett
Wagga Wagga, NSNSWAUS
* Fibre Artist *
Wonderful, seductive works - if only cyber space offered the textures and luminous sheen and shadows of the textile too.
But you can't keep in touch with the world and keep the touch too it seems - well not yet any way.
-Thu, Sep 17, 98 at 20:39:55
Diane Knoblauch
Section, ALUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Beautiful and inspiring work!
-Sun, Sep 06, 98 at 23:42:03
Sarah Kucerova
Tucson, AZUSA
* Other Artist *
-Wed, Jul 08, 98 at 02:49:28
Susan Thompson
Boston, maUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I think your fabric paintings are quite exciting. I also like the way your pages are set up.
-Thu, Jul 02, 98 at 14:36:23
Barbara Campitelli
Foster City, CAUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Unbelievably beautiful. Thankyou.
-Sat, Jun 13, 98 at 23:46:08
Fairfax, VAUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I'm currently working on my BA in Studio Art at George Mason Univ.
I constantly search the fiber arts section to see what's new in the area as it may later help me build a portfolio for pattern and surface design which is what I plan to do in the near future.
I truly enjoyed visiting your site as it was a nice break from what I normally see when I visit Textile Art and from my own felting I do on my spare time.
I'll make it a point to go to some of these places and see the work itself.
-Tue, Apr 14, 98 at 09:58:24
Rebecca Kent
Cambridge UK, England
* Fibre Artist *
What a lovely thing to find the first time I use the internet. Lovely texture and colour.
-Tue, Apr 14, 98 at 06:45:32
Francesco Guarino
Genoa, Italy
* Curious Browser *
Yours works are very interesting. It may be wonderfool to sea them directly and..touch them.
-Wed, Apr 08, 98 at 06:03:34
Jasmeet Kaur
New Delhi, India
* None of the Above *
Hi! I'm a textile designer currently in the firld of home furnishings.
I've worked in the area of creative weaves using material other than yarn and fibre and feel your work is just fabulous!
Brilliant effects!
-Sat, Mar 14, 98 at 11:10:04
Ezel Lever
North Newton, KSUSA
* Other Artist *
Fascinating work, completely new ideas to me
i love the rhythms and colors
very cool stuff
-Thu, Mar 12, 98 at 07:23:03
Amanda Jane Wilkinson
* Curious Browser *
wow such beauty! your "reef 2/ blue" piece,is one of my favourates; the fabric has been given life, it looks as though sea creatures are floating out of it. carefully selected subtle colour, mushroom-like pleat sections.Whilst a rocky surface is apparent.
I wish i could touch your pieces of fabric.
thank you for contributing your work to the web. I am a hnd textile student at newcastle college and have learnt a lot of techniques now.
-Wed, Feb 18, 98 at 08:46:33
Christine Schutz
Port Orchard, WAUSA
* Happy Person *
Wonderful web site and truly inspirational work. Your color use is the stuff dreams should be full of. Thanks for the peek and continue to enjoy the path.
-Thu, Jan 15, 98 at 15:58:49
L. Hanna
Cambridge, MAUSA
* Curious Browser *
Your work is wonderful and I am happy to have come across your website. I am interested in manipulating and coloring fabrics, so your work interests me.I will also ask.....do you give classes? workshops? publish? Would be interested if you do.Thanks!
-Wed, Dec 10, 97 at 16:06:24
Samantha Powell-Hills
Bournemouth, BHEngland
* Happy Person *
As a student presently studying to be a textile designer, I was completely blown away by such innovative, and exasperatingly beautiful work.
If I produce work, even half this good, by the time I qualify, I will have achieved.
Any chance of some work experience with you??
-Tue, Dec 09, 97 at 13:49:07
Beth Stephens
Denton, txUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Your work is gorgeous! Do you paint with H-series dyes?
Do you give workshops or have a book that demonstrate your technique?
-Thu, Nov 13, 97 at 16:32:52
bombay, maharashtraindia
* Curious Browser *
i am doin fashion designing in india i would like to know some information on merchandising pls help
-Fri, Nov 07, 97 at 23:58:44
Nancy Dowd
Island Heights, NJUSA
* Happy Person *
I could not leave without telling you how beautiful your work is.
Sometimes if I sit and listen to the ocean just right; the sun and wind, and ocean combine and fills my soul completely...
so too, your work fills souls. Thank you!
-Tue, Sep 30, 97 at 21:05:15
Fern Tompkins Benson
Paradise, CAUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Beautiful beautiful work.
My own personnal work deals with closeup studies of rock facings, study of line and shape of other organic objects.
Your pieces just "sing" to me. thank you
-Sat, Jul 05, 97 at 16:06:31
Ann E.
watertown, sdUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Thanks for such inspiring work.
It was quite interesting to see on this black & white monitor - can't wait to surf to your site with a color monitor!! Thanks again from a struggling/frustrated fibre artist.
-Wed, Jun 11, 97 at 00:08:19
Greg Somerville
Blue Mountains, NSWAustralia
* Fibre Artist *
Love to see more of this work!
-Sun, Jun 08, 97 at 05:39:23
Janelle Delicata
Stockton Springs, MEUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I'm glad I "surfed" into (on to?) your site. Thoroughly enjoyed your work, the colors and textures come across surprisingly well! I hope to see your work "in person" sometime. Thank you.
-Sun, May 25, 97 at 17:21:50
Vicki Sauvage
Hobart, TasmaniaAustralia
* Fibre Artist *
I am impressed with the opportunity to view the work of other fibre/textile artists using this medium.
It is a novel notion of gallery and ensures international viewers and I believe it can go some way to breaking down barriers.
I am impressed by your control of and freedom in colour and the depth and texture available in your work.
Thanks from Tasmania
-Thu, Apr 10, 97 at 18:59:33
Beth Priestley
Minneapolis, MNUSA
* Fibre Artist *
-Tue, Apr 08, 97 at 22:23:35
Cathy Park
Sydney ., nnswAustralia
* Fibre Artist *
excellent, do you exhabit in Australia, if so, please let me know. We have some great fibre artists here.
-Sat, Apr 05, 97 at 01:36:14
Cindi Smiszek
Salem, MAUSA
* Fibre Artist *
I'm impressed with the quality of your website and the beauty of your work.
Thank you for showing a recent fibers graduate that good taste in art and restraint/beauty in web page design is possible!
-Mon, Mar 24, 97 at 14:44:02
* Fibre Artist *
Beautiful Online Gallery and consistently beautiful fiber art!
-Mon, Feb 24, 97 at 21:39:34
Loretta Picciani
Lewisville, TXUSA
* Fibre Artist *
Your work is quite impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed the Gallery. I am a former student of Shieko Spear at University of North Texas.
-Mon, Feb 10, 97 at 18:33:44
Glendale, CAUSA
* Happy Person *
Your work and craftmanship is incredible.
Congratulations on a stunning web site.
-Sat, Jan 25, 97 at 01:46:07
Cec LePage
what thought and concentrated love you put in these pieces. I look forward to the day I find myself in front of your scuplture. Bravo!
And to think you found the time to raise such a wonderful son.
Bravo again. cec lepage
-Wed, Jan 08, 97 at 03:03:19

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